Saturday Night Panic

Just about every store in Germany is closed on Sunday, including supermarkets. Only gas stations are open, with few being like the Circle K or 7-11-style stations we are used to in the U.S. Twice a year (yes, just twice), stores are allowed to be open on Sundays, and it becomes a huge event, complete with jumping balloons, merry go rounds and food stalls.
So, if you find yourself on Saturday night at 7:50 p.m. with half a roll of toilet paper or no coffee, you better pray your neighborhood Netto or Aldi is on the next block, or you’ll spend Sunday grumpy¬†and hungry!
Needless to say, the supermarkets are packed pretty much all day Saturday, so I’ve been trying to remember to get everything for at least 2-3 days on Fridays.
We have a smaller fridge, as do many Germans, so daily or every-other-day shopping is the norm…and it’s imperative to get fresh bread daily, since the bakeries don’t use preservatives. So, the lesson here is. shop on Fridays to beat the crowds and not have that panic attack when you find out you have 5 minutes to get to the supermarkt or else wait until Monday. Also….Germany is a country with MANY national holidays…beware the Monday holidays, when the shops are closed TWO days in a row.


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