Trying to understand why…

1…Germans have no problem leaving produce like lettuce out of the fridge overnight (or longer).

2. It is virtually impossible to find tampons with applicators in Germany unless you’re in a large city. O.B. is just about the only brand (other than a few generics) that are available. It took two towns and 5 stores for me to find O.B.’s with “compact applicator.”

3. Meat (other than beef) and dairy are about 1/4 the cost in Germany as they are in the U.S. Yet one kilo of white asparagus costs 14 Euros.

4. Baths are VERY MUCH looked down upon (and I’m a bath girl). It’s a waste of water and it burns up the household oil up quickly. I’m having to learn to shower…and shave at the same time.

5. No matter how quiet I think I am, it’s not quiet enough.

6. …I can’t pronounce the name of the town I live in (Rohr i. Niederbayern). I try and try and can only say “Roar.”

7. …I never learned stick shift.

8. I can count on one hand the trash I’ve seen on the side of the road since I’ve been here.


To be updated, often!


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