Take THAT, caliche!

If you grew up in far West Texas, and you ever tried to maintain a lush, green garden, you are probably well aware of caliche. For those with green thumbs who were fortunate enough to NOT live in the Chihuahuan Desert, caliche is “a mineral deposit of gravel, sand, and nitrates, found in dry areas of America.” It’s otherwise known as “calcrete,” so basically hardly any plant life can survive in it.

Now that we live in some of the most fertile land on earth, surrounded by farms that grow potatoes, beets, asparagus, rapeseed, onions and so much more (not to mention the WILD trees that grow like pigweed grows in El Paso (apple/plum/cherry trees, sorrel, wild garlic, watercress, etc, etc, etc.), I am paying such extra attention to nature. Even the ubiquitous dandelions here are GORGEOUS. Soft leaves (unlike the hard and sharp leaves of those we find in West Texas) and massive optic yellow flowers; clover and moss creating a beautiful blanket where patches of grass may not grow as strongly; daisies of all colors and sizes…..Heaven!

Spent the early afternoon just walking around the back yard, enjoying the simplicity and beauty that many here may take for granted because they grew up KNOWING this and seeing it daily. I hope I never get to that point.


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